Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I learned this summer Pt. 1

I feel that things happen for a reason and in this long span of time I probably learned a lot, even if it seemed like a pretty boring summer. However as its coming to close soon, I want to look back on revelations I've had, things that annoyed me,things that made me smile and most importantly things that I will always remember.

                                                                                                                1. Always be prepared for anything while camping.
 I go camping almost every summer. It's a tradition and nothing  new to me. I usually go with my dad, my aunt, and my two cousins who I am very close to. We sleep in a tent with sleeping bags and eat over an open fire. It's REAL camping that doesn't involve a camper or anything like that. I love it! Just a couple days with me, my family and nature.
This was our tent. We do have a radio though.
Well for some reason this camping trip was more eventful than usual. It was also more of a reality check. See my cousin is going off the college this week. He and I have been close ever since we where young and this might be the last year he goes camping with us. This trip was more of a "this is growing up" situation. It reminded me that we are going to be adults. It's a mixture of fear, sadness,and excitement.
That's not all this camping trip brought about. Okay we usually are bored while camping. We talk and walk around and maybe one memorable thing happens. However this year it was like the universe wanted it to be a camping trip to remember.
SO what happened in the 3 days we where there? My dad got stung by hornets on his foot, the bathroom where shut down so we had to use porter potty's and couldn't bathe, my cousin (the one going to college) got stung by a bee, it rained A LOT, and out of everyone in the tent I was the one that woke up the next morning soaked. I will say we did have a blast even though all this stuff happened. We will probably talk about it for years to come. 

2. I like going to reggae concerts
I love music a lot. This is very obvious. Unfortunately I had never really been to a concert until this summer. The concert I went to was a reggae band and it was free (the main reason I went) See I like some bands that have been influenced by reggae but I never really got into reggae. Until I went and saw this band.
The band I saw.
I am now a fan of reggae music. I have no clue why I didn't get into the genre before. Sure it a little more mellow than I usually like my music but it has a lot of the same messages I firmly believe. At the concert I danced the whole time (2 hours) It was the best time of my life. Really its right up there with going to New York City. It was just sublime and I seriously recommend it! The only downer was that a fight almost broke out and my friend got elbowed in the chest. Seriously? Your at a concert where they are singing about peace and love and there are little kids and your trying to start a fight?! It was annoying. Save that for a mosh pit at a punk concert! Other than that it was a great experience and it introduced me to a new genre.

3.Who needs a relationship? I'm just here to have fun!
Summer love, every girl I swear is looking for it. I, on the other hand did not find it. This was a bit of a downer at the beginning of the summer when I didn't even have a crush on a guy. Then somewhere along the way it didn't really bother me anymore.
This made me chuckle
 I looked at it this way:  If I had a boyfriend this summer I think I would have missed out on A LOT. For example:  when I was at my cousin's graduation party I wouldn't have had so much fun flirting with his friend(s) (Sorry my wonderful cousin, I couldn't help it and (they) he started it!) Also, I wouldn't have flirted so much with the guy working at the mall.  I wouldn't have been so happy when that guy at the store smiled at me and another time when the guy at the park smiled at me. Of course after that smile at the park my friend and I followed him and his friends down to the beach. 
I mean this stuff might have happened if I had a boyfriend but I don't think I would have felt the same way. So I just stopped being upset about not having a boyfriend and just letting things happen. It turns out that by doing this I ended up having fun.

So there is Part 1 of things I learned this summer. I hoped you enjoyed it. I don't know when I'll do part 2 but I swear it will be before summer ends!
Yours Truly~ grrrl in green. 


  1. Aww man...awesome camping trip! I loved how nothing ever happens to me lol

  2. That camping trip was awesome and nothing DID happen to u u little prat :-P