Sunday, September 5, 2010

Song of the Week!

Hello blogging world! Here is my song of the week. You should really check out this artist, she is amazing! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay I haven't posted in a long time it seems like. There has literally been no time to write since school has started. I feel bad but at least I'm writing now, right? So I was look through old e-mail and I found a poem I wrote a couple months ago. I sent it to my cousin. As I stood reading it I couldn't help but think how good it is. I mean I'm really not trying to flatter myself too much but it is one of my better poems. See when I wrote it I was still mourning over a break up. It wasn't so much that I was sad we weren't together, I was just angry. He kept trying to be my friend but the reality was I didn't want to be his friend anymore. So after a big fight with him and then a cool down period I wrote this poem. So there is some back ground for you. I hope you enjoy this poem and please tell me what you think!

Neutral ground
Is where I am
I jumped off the bound
And I'm ok where I stand
No conclusion was formed
I put the cold war to an end
Because this topic is worn
And I had to bend
The wind was becoming violent
I was tired of the silence.
The mood didnt last long
But I now know how I feel
We where both in the wrong
And we kept spinning on the endless wheel
Spitting out our insulting cud
Forcing it, trying to mend
Trying to go back 
To the way it was
Looking at the puzzle we layer on the table
But some of the pieces are missing
And nothing fits
But its all good
I'm stable 
And I'm not talking
I'm listening
No more what should have,
Could have been said or done
It wont change
What has already begun.
I enjoy the distance
And would appreciate a lack of persistence,
From you
Because we need to deal 
With the way things are
And a step back 
Won't get us far

Tell me what you think!
~Yours Truly~grrrl in green

All rights to poem owned by B.T. (AKA grrrl in green)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Song of The Week!

So I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. It has been a long, tiring week. Ever day I would look at my computer and be like "Should I write a post?" and then I would get this tiring feeling over me (probably from lack of sleep). Then I would just listen to music and read. So as I'm trying to adjust to my new schedule I might not write as much. I will at least write once a week and mostly on weekends. Don't worry I won't completely abandon the blog!

So this week I found a musician named Ida Maria. She is a Norwegian rocker. First of all you can hear punk inspirations to her music so of course I was sold. She has an amazing voice. Her lyrics at times (at least what I've heard) are weird but I still enjoy them. The song I'm posting its a little risky with the lyrics and the video is full of innuendos (I don't think I will ever look at a banana the same ever again) I can see where someone wouldn't like it.  However I can't stop listening to this song. There is just some thing so strongly feminist about it. Not to mention I think all girls can relate to some of the lyrics. So enjoy and tell me what you think!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day Of School

As I was getting ready for my first day of school I noticed something rather strange. You know when you get that excited feeling about starting a new year? Sometimes you get a little nervous? You can't help but think: Will my teachers like me? Will I make it to my classes on time? Will the kids laugh at my new haircut? Weirdly though I did not really think any of these (well maybe the "will the kids laugh at my new haircut") I don't know if as I get older the hype of school just disappeared. All I kept thinking was same thing different year. I didn't see any new faces as I walked into the school (except for some freshman) So really it was nothing new.

As the day went on I was happy to have something to do. I was looking forward to certain classes. I was happy to see friends I hadn't seen all summer. Some of my teachers seemed really cool.

Some classes I'm taking:

American Lit. Honors: Okay I got homework in this class. WHAT KIND OF TEACHER GIVES HOMEWORK ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!?! And better yet I had to do it at 7:30 in the morning! Ugh. Plus my real teacher wasn't even there. That's right folks, I had a sub the first day of school. That's a first.

Honors Geometry: This is a sophomore class. You may asked why I'm taking a sophomore class when I'm a junior. Well see my freshmen year (when I was supposed to take Algebra 1) I took Integrated 1. I was apparently too advanced for this class and also found out it's not a college prep course. So my sophomore year I took Algebra 1. This wasn't so bad because I wasn't the only sophomore. I was also apparently too advanced for this class because my teacher recommended me for Honors Geometry. See I like this idea, its better for colleges and lets hope it actually challenges me. However, I'm in a class with only four sophomores and the rest are freshmen and I'm a junior. There is a defiant difference there.

Lunch...lets not even talk about. That's opening a whole can of worms.

AP Gov: I was a little intimated with this class. I know I'm good with history and all but its a college course! You can see where I would get a little scared. Also the teacher handing out 3 different books was a bit more than I could handle. Then the teacher talked about the class and the more he talked the more I couldn't help but think "I'm going to like this class" I think I 'm going to find this course interesting.

Art 1: I'm just taking this for my art credit.

Chemistry: THIS IS A DOUBLE PERIOD!! Need I say more? Being that its a science class who knows how I will do...thankfully there is a cute guy there ;-)

So here to a good year (I hope) One where there is no drama, headaches or C averages. (ha) Wish me luck guys, I'm going to need it!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Monday, August 23, 2010

Song of the Week (Also song of the summer)

Oh yes, putting another Strokes song has a video of the week. There is an explanation for this, I swear. Today is my official last day of summer being that I start school tomorrow. So I decided for this song to not only be the Song of The Week but also the Song of the Summer! I have spent most of the summer trying to learn all of the lyrics of this song and I have succeed! (Ah, goals) So please enjoy this great song :)

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things I Learned This Summer Pt. 2

A couple days ago I wrote some things I learned this summer. Now that I have nothing going on being that all appointment are done (if you want to know what I'm talking about go here) Now I shall continue with what I learned this summer!

Indie Music is Awesome!
While I am not exactly an expert about indie music (at least not as much as punk) I have been listening to a lot of it lately. This all started when my cousin introduced me to the Arctic Monkeys. They're songs are just catchy and I love Alex Turner's voice (I have a thing for British accents) They led to The Strokes who I adore very much. After listening to The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes for about two months straight I have figured out that Indie music is amazing. I would like to get into some more bands. If anyone has any recommendations please tell me! 

Les Films francais sont impressionnantes!
If you read the above a thought, "what the heck does that mean?" then I shall tell you. In English is means "French movies are awesome!" This summer I got really into French movies. I think this love started with the movie Amélie. This movie stared Audrey Tautou, who is better know in America for her role in The Da Vinci Code. She is really a great actress. I've watched a lot of her movies this summer and she is part of the reason why I'm so into French movies now. Some really good movie to see with her in it are: Happenstance, Priceless and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. As I watched these films I wished that I would have took French instead of Spanish.

Don't Trust A Male Fairy With Horns
Out of all the lessons on this list, I think this one is the most important. A couple months ago I went to the Medieval Faire with my best friend. I had a lot of fun. I got my cards read, shot a bow and arrow at a stuffed animal and checked out all the Medieval lads. You really would be surprised at how hot a lot of them are. However, there was one strange occurrence that I will never forget. My friend and I where looking at a booth. They where selling fairy wings, horns, and other trinkets that children would love. So I was standing there looking at the horns when my friend pointed to a vial of sparkles. She looked at the girl behind the table (she was wearing blue wings) and asked, "What is this?" That's when all of the sudden I felt someone messing with my hair. I jumped and turned around. There stood a guy with brown fairy wings, horns, and long blond hair. He was hold a pair of horns in his hands.
He asked me to hold up my hair. The girl behind the counter smiled and said, "Don't worry you don't have to buy it. He's the best a putting them on." So I let him go about his business. Annoyed, my friend asked again what the stuff in the vial was for. The guy smiled and said, "I'll show you." He asked me to remove my sunglasses and close my eyes. The next thing I knew I felt glitter getting put on my face and chest. So there I stood, horns on my head and glitter all over me. I asked my friend how I looked and she said, "You don't look right, your too simple to wear horns." The male fairy looked at her and said coldly, "Don't call you friend simple." I then looked at myself and asked, "So do I look evil?" And then the male fairy (who I wasn't talking to) replied, "No, not evil. Mischievous." At that point, my friend and I left. I learned an important lesson as I was scrubbing glitter off of me, never trust a male fairy with horns.

So there you have it. There is the rest of the things I learned this summer! 

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Past 3 Days

As you all may very well know I have not written in 3 days. Well I think this was to be expected being that I was not home most of the time. It has been a crazy 3 days and I will tell you exactly what happened (not that you would care :-P)

Tuesday: I got a haircut. See getting a haircut is both calming and scary at the same time. On one hand I get pampered (where I go they have a complimentary mini facial and hand message) but on the other there is always a chance my hair will come out bad. Luckily this time wasn't so bad. I mean my bangs are a little shorter then I wanted them but they grow out. Also my hair seems way to short.
 My expression while she was cutting my bangs.

Oh well, at least I was able to style my hair this time.

Wednesday: Doctors. So see this was fun (can you see the sarcasm here?) I got my blood pressure (it good) my eyes tested (they where perfect) and I am 5"4 and a half (that extra half is what does it. Sure its not my ideal 5"7 but oh well) I am apparently very flexible (...must be the yoga?) and lucky for me I don't have scoliosis (YAY!) However, all this happiness had to end sometime. I needed a booster shot and a cervical cancer shot. My mom didn't want me to get the cervical cancer shot (Converstation with doctor:  Mom: "PEOPLE DIED!" Doctor: "That's not true.") It didn't take long for the doctor to convince my mother to get me the shots. Okay I don't like shots. I mean who does really? So as I was waiting for the nurse to come in I was freaking out. I ended up singing Stroke songs to calm down (and thinking about Julian Casablancas walking in instead of the nurse XD)
Who would you rather see walking through the door?

Anyway I got the shots. The first one (the booster) didn't hurt at all. I mean just a little pinch and then I was done. The second one hurt. It hurt during, right after and the next day. Just painful all around. And guess what? I have to get 2 more of those shots. :(

Today: Dentist. This one wasn't so bad. I got my teeth cleaned. I don't like going to the dentist at all. Also my wisdom teeth have been bothering me and I really needed to see someone about it. 
This is how I want my teeth to look!
Well after I got X-rays and the chick poked, scraped, and prodded my teeth it turns out while I don't have any cavities, I do have to get my wisdom teeth removed. I can't wait for that! (sarcasm again, my friends)

So that's whats been going on with me for the past 3 days. I will probably go back to writing about normal, less boring things now.

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

thank you Julian Casablancas for not only being hot but giving me something to think about while nervous.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I learned this summer Pt. 1

I feel that things happen for a reason and in this long span of time I probably learned a lot, even if it seemed like a pretty boring summer. However as its coming to close soon, I want to look back on revelations I've had, things that annoyed me,things that made me smile and most importantly things that I will always remember.

                                                                                                                1. Always be prepared for anything while camping.
 I go camping almost every summer. It's a tradition and nothing  new to me. I usually go with my dad, my aunt, and my two cousins who I am very close to. We sleep in a tent with sleeping bags and eat over an open fire. It's REAL camping that doesn't involve a camper or anything like that. I love it! Just a couple days with me, my family and nature.
This was our tent. We do have a radio though.
Well for some reason this camping trip was more eventful than usual. It was also more of a reality check. See my cousin is going off the college this week. He and I have been close ever since we where young and this might be the last year he goes camping with us. This trip was more of a "this is growing up" situation. It reminded me that we are going to be adults. It's a mixture of fear, sadness,and excitement.
That's not all this camping trip brought about. Okay we usually are bored while camping. We talk and walk around and maybe one memorable thing happens. However this year it was like the universe wanted it to be a camping trip to remember.
SO what happened in the 3 days we where there? My dad got stung by hornets on his foot, the bathroom where shut down so we had to use porter potty's and couldn't bathe, my cousin (the one going to college) got stung by a bee, it rained A LOT, and out of everyone in the tent I was the one that woke up the next morning soaked. I will say we did have a blast even though all this stuff happened. We will probably talk about it for years to come. 

2. I like going to reggae concerts
I love music a lot. This is very obvious. Unfortunately I had never really been to a concert until this summer. The concert I went to was a reggae band and it was free (the main reason I went) See I like some bands that have been influenced by reggae but I never really got into reggae. Until I went and saw this band.
The band I saw.
I am now a fan of reggae music. I have no clue why I didn't get into the genre before. Sure it a little more mellow than I usually like my music but it has a lot of the same messages I firmly believe. At the concert I danced the whole time (2 hours) It was the best time of my life. Really its right up there with going to New York City. It was just sublime and I seriously recommend it! The only downer was that a fight almost broke out and my friend got elbowed in the chest. Seriously? Your at a concert where they are singing about peace and love and there are little kids and your trying to start a fight?! It was annoying. Save that for a mosh pit at a punk concert! Other than that it was a great experience and it introduced me to a new genre.

3.Who needs a relationship? I'm just here to have fun!
Summer love, every girl I swear is looking for it. I, on the other hand did not find it. This was a bit of a downer at the beginning of the summer when I didn't even have a crush on a guy. Then somewhere along the way it didn't really bother me anymore.
This made me chuckle
 I looked at it this way:  If I had a boyfriend this summer I think I would have missed out on A LOT. For example:  when I was at my cousin's graduation party I wouldn't have had so much fun flirting with his friend(s) (Sorry my wonderful cousin, I couldn't help it and (they) he started it!) Also, I wouldn't have flirted so much with the guy working at the mall.  I wouldn't have been so happy when that guy at the store smiled at me and another time when the guy at the park smiled at me. Of course after that smile at the park my friend and I followed him and his friends down to the beach. 
I mean this stuff might have happened if I had a boyfriend but I don't think I would have felt the same way. So I just stopped being upset about not having a boyfriend and just letting things happen. It turns out that by doing this I ended up having fun.

So there is Part 1 of things I learned this summer. I hoped you enjoyed it. I don't know when I'll do part 2 but I swear it will be before summer ends!
Yours Truly~ grrrl in green. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy weekend...New Poem

Okay that past 2 days have been crazy for me. I've had some family things going on and its been distracting me a lot. Also this week is going to be very busy being that I'm going back to school in a week. I don't know how much time I will have to blog. I am not forgetting about you guys! So don't worry (not that I think you would) I wrote this poem last night and I have decided to post it. Tell me what you think (and be kind haha)

I'm trying hard to not be ignorant anymore
In today's society its a challenge,
It's an art form.
Getting swept away,
In the day to day
I hit a wall that stopped me in my tracks
It's a reality check
Things are not okay
Relation trauma leading me to distract myself
To swallow the pill of information
as my medicine to cope.
It's working
Making me feel more secure.
As I learn
About the world around me.
I know that I've been drifting into apathy.
Now with events I fill to the brim with empathy
Because I got to make a stand
I've been sitting here way too long
I want to help as much as I can
Try and fix some of the wrong.

Hope you enjoyed! I always get really nervous sharing my poetry. It's almost like sharing a diary entry to the world even if I'm just sharing it to a friend or something. I guess it's the risk I'm willing to take as a writer.

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green
all rights owned by B.T. (AKA grrrl in green)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Video Of The Week

The video of the week is a bit earlier this week because I'm going to be very busy. Plus this song is helping my mood being that I'm not having the best of days. This band is called the Toy Dolls. The Toy Dolls are a British punk band that I have always loved for their funny lyrics. The lead singers voice is really original. This song always put a smile on my face. Enjoy and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Yours Truly~grrrl in green

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nicholas Sparks

Okay I was sitting here all day trying to figure out what to write next for my blog. I know I could write ten more things about music and about twenty more rants about my life but I really feel like I should do something about books. Then I remembered a little author named Nicholas Sparks.

 Yeah this dude.

Now I don't know if I'm the best person to be stating my opinion of him and his work. I have only read one of his books ,The Last Song. I have watched movies based on his books. I think this guy is like the male Nora Roberts. He just cranks out love stories and then publishes it. Next thing you know they are a movie.

When I was reading The Last Song, I have never complained so much. I was camping while reading it and I kept having little rants about what I thought of the book. My cousins kept saying "Why don't you just stop reading it?" My reply "I DON'T WANT HIM TO WIN!" When I say him I mean Nicholas Sparks. Let me explain this a little more.

The main character, Ronnie, at the beginning is really unlikeable. She was just mean and whiny. I know her parents where divorced and I guess some would think this gives her the right to be whiny. I personally don't think this is the case. I mean my parents are divorced and I've never been as bad as her.  I was just so annoyed with her. The only character that I actually liked from the start was her brother and he was a minor character.

Then something happened. I ended up enjoying the antagonist of the story more than the main character. Why did this happen? Because the antagonist was written really well. You didn't like him the minute you where introduced to him. He of course was a very stereotypical bad guy (leather jacket, long hair and oh no piercings!) but it was done well. So how in the world did I end up liking the antagonist more than the main character is beyond me. I guess it's because he remained consistent.

So like within I'd say the first 50-100 pages Ronnie does a complete one-eighty. Seriously, she went from whiny little prat to a mature, caring girl. It's like Sparks looked at what he wrote and decided that Ronnie was a little too unlikable so he decided to write her differently from then on. He must have got too lazy to go back to the beginning and edit her. Seriously, Sparks, I'm not buying this girl can change that quickly.

ENTERS: Will and along with him, the love twist. Will is you usual rich boy with a heart of gold. He wasn't unlikable and he was probably my third favorite character. I can say he kind of saved the book.
I can see why this guy was chosen as Will in the movie
Then a whole lotta stuff happens and I won't get into it.Sparks isn't a bad writer but he isn't a great one either. I probably won't ever read any of his other books. It seems (from what I've read and watched in movies) they often have the same story line. When I say this I mean there is a love twist and someone with a fatal disease that they will die of. Character changes are just thrown at you from nowhere and appear as the result of minor events, which tells me what Sparks really thinks of his audience's intelligence. It might make sense in Spark-land but not in my head. I only have one thing to say to Sparks:  Your audience is only as intelligent as you let them be.

In the end I did feel for some of his characters. He does have a way of making emotions rise with in you (especially if you are of the female variety) I ended up crying at the end of the story because if he can do one thing it's write tragedy. However I think he knows he can write a tragedy so well so he does it over and over and over and over again.

I guess if you like books that are easy to read, have a love plot and will make you cry, you would get into his book. If you don't stay away!

This is just my opinion. If you are a Sparks fan more power to you. His writing isn't really my cup of tea.

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He's In Love Wth Rock 'n' Roll

A week ago (shockingly exactly a week ago) I did my top five female musicians. (want to read it? Go Here!) I went on a (little) rant about how the music industry doesn't have nearly as many females as there are males. So I thought it would be completely sexist if didn't give a shout out to all the male musicians I love. All of them are involved in bands and some have become solo artists. They have inspired me in some way whether it be writing or finding a new band. I think they are all talented. They have all my respect and admiration. So here is my top five male musicians.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong
Let's go back to 2004, shall we? I was about 11 years old. What song was running through my head? Slow Motion by Juvenile. Yes, you heard me correctly. Me, the punk rock lover, listening to Juvenile. Let's fast forward a little. It's 2005. I'm about 12 years old and I hear the song American Idiot at my cousins house. I see a guy with spiked hair wearing eyeliner. He's playing guitar and singing about politics. Who is this man? How come I can relate to him so well? Why do these lyrics move me so much?  After that I was sold. If you don't know Billie Joe Armstrong he is part of this little band called Green Day. You may have heard of them? Now before you roll your eyes and say "Really this is what you looked towards for rock? Green Day?" Let's go back to what I originally said. They where really the first rock band I liked, scratch that, loved and  led me to punk. With out this band (and this man) I would not have any other musicians on this list. No I can't say that. I would probably be writing about Lil Wayne or something. No wait, I might not even be writing at all. I really have no clue what I would be like.
I have such a high respect for Billie Joe as a musician and artist. He writes great lyrics that I have always been able to relate to. He plays guitar really well and his voice is great. If you are already familial with Green Day then I suggest another band he is in. It's called Pinhead Gunpowder. Give them a listen. 
Note: I now am a mature 17 year old and all I have to say, eyeliner? Really Billie?

2. Joe Strummer 
Joe Strummer was the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist of The Clash. The Clash is one of my favorite bands. Actually the title of this post is a line from a song called "Janie Jones" The Clash is the first old school punk rock band I enjoyed. It's hard not to talk about punk without mentioning The Clash and Joe. He took punk to a whole new level. Instead of shout about anarchy (*cough: Johnny Rotten*) He sung about problems that the average working class was having. His approach was political but still controversial. I only like the The Clash up to London Calling. After that something happened and I just couldn't listen anymore.
The Clash was not just full on punk rock. They experimented with reggae, jazz, funk, ska and rockabilly, making them more musically diverse. Joe Strummer I firmly believe encouraged this and for that reason he is my second favorite male musician. (sorry Mick)
Extra: The day I found out he was dead it was like 6 years after his death. I almost cried.Also when I watched the documentary "The Future is Unwritten" I cried. I totally recommended watching it.

3. Justin Sane
Ahh, what to say about Justin Sane. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Anti-Flag. He also came out with his own solo CD (Life, Love and the Pursuit of Justice) It's basically him singing music he wrote, playing his guitar and nothing else. It's pretty good. I like the political lyrics he writes. If you listen to his CD I suggest "Tommy Gun" (no not a remake of The Clash song) "If Its Good For the Economy", "Youth of the Modern World" and "Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon"  I like how he treats his audience with intelligence. You can really tell with his lyrics that he really wants people to be aware of what's going on. However, does it always have to be about politics? It seems like that's all its been about lately for Anti-Flag. I mean what happened to songs like "She's My Little Go-Go Dancer" and "Summer Squatters Go Home"? That's the only minor complaint I have about him. Other than that I really like his lyrics and he seems like a really cool guy. Also he's a vegetarian. :-D

4. Roger Waters
With all these punk guys I have to give some respect to a classic rocker. Rodger Waters was the lead singer/songwriter, and composer of Pink Floyd. My father would be proud that I put him on this list because he originally had me listen to Pink Floyd. He write amazing lyrics and sings them excellently. Listen to Dark Side of The Moon and you will know what I'm talking about I mean it's a classic. It should be required of all, like watching The Wizard of Oz or reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. I guess he did his own solo work but I have never listened to it before. I assume its amazing. If you listen to it tell me what you think.
Note: Seriously get to listening to Dark Side of The Moon. LIKE NOW! 

5. Mike Ness
Mike Ness was the lead singer, guitarist, and wrote most of the songs for a punk band called Social Distortion. Social Distortion is also one of my favorite bands.I know it sounds weird but Social Distortion is my feel good music. They aren't really hardcore punk but they aren't wimpy either. There is just a "your not alone" feel to their music. Mike Ness has a excellent voice and plays guitar really well. I mean only he would be able to pull off Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" 
Other songs to check out is "Mommy's Little Monster", "Another State of Mind", "Prison Bound", "Story of My Life"; really the list just goes on and on.
Favorite CD: Mommy's Little Monster for the win!

Well there it is. This of course is just my opinion. I know you may completely disagree with me but these are the guys who have inspired me the most. Please tell me what you think. :)

Yours Truly~grrrl in green

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Assignment

I am going into my eleventh year of school in two weeks. So while I'm getting all ready for school (getting new clothes, haircut, supplies, dentist the usual) I'm left to also work on my summer assignment for Honors English. I have already read the book (A Lesson Before Dying) and I actually enjoyed reading it. Them came the task of the assignments. *sigh*
The first one I have to assume the identity of a character in a book and write three journal entries of MY thoughts and feelings of events in the novel. No biggie right? I'm a writer. I totally got this.  But then it says a couple sentences later "you are being asked to consider what the character thinks and feels about what happens" ....WHAT!?!?!
My expression when I read this (minus all the fur)
So whose point of view are these journal entries in? Mine or a characters? Why can't you be clear Mrs. English teacher? This is not a good way to start out a new year, is it now?
Oh wait but it gets better.....
Then the next part is to pick three quotes (I think this teacher has a thing for three's) and write a paragraph for each quote explaining how it relates to a major theme the is developed in the novel. Ugh....I hate theme writing. We do it all the time. I get why we are taught it. It's supposed to help us find the deeper meaning to the novel. To figure out what the author was trying to get across. I totally get it. However I think theme just ruins a story. I love reading (hello look at blog title) but I think when you analyze and pick apart a story it really takes something away from enjoying it. Like I said above, I really like this book. It made me cry (and no, not from the inarticulate journal entry at the end which gave me a headache) It had real emotion to it. Then when I try to find the major themes to the novel, I feel like throwing the book across the room. I feel like ripping out the pages.
This man was told to find the theme of that book. I know how you feel buddy.
I feel like committing book abuse! You heard me correctly. A book worm like myself want to commit book abuse. What could make this book worm crack you may ask? Finding the theme! DUN DUN DUN!!!
So alas I consulted a fellow student who also has this assignment. She hasn't even read the book yet (making wonder if she is a reliable person to talk to about this) but she just as confused as I am about the directions and just as annoyed. She is planning on asking a friend who had the class last year. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this journal entry thing. I still  have to figure out the theme of the novel and I will slowly die a little inside as I do so. Guess this is my lesson before dying.

Yours Truly~grrrl in green

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Music Video of The Week!

This song is just amazing! Beside Julian looking completely hot (yes I said it. Now you may roll your eyes) his voice sounds so cool and the song is really catchy. Also the guitars, bass, and drum all blend together perfectly. Give it a listen and you will instantly become a Strokes fan!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Favorite Books of All Time

My cousin suggested I do this so I figured I would. This is a list of some of my favorite books. I hope you enjoy and give them a read. :-)

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
For those of you who don't know about this book I will first say it's defiantly chick lit. Not saying that a guy can't enjoy it. I just think the main audience who reads it will be female. This book is about a orphan named Jane Eyre who becomes governess for a wealthy man named Mr. Rochester. They eventually fall in love but there are things that stand in the way of them being together. I like Jane as a character. She's mousy but smart and kind. I can relate to her. Not to mention Mr. Rochester (okay the Mr. Rochester in my head) is amazing! So defiantly give it a read if you are into romance

The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath
For starters I love Sylvia Plath. I love her poetry (Lady Lazarus is my favorite) There is something so twisted about her. She writes with dry humor but you know behind the humor there is pain. This book is basically an autobiography but with different names and (I'm guessing) plot changes. It's a story of falling into madness and the journey to recovery. I really wished she would have written another book because I would have really liked to have read it.

To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee
I am one of the weird ones who did not read this book for school but on my own time. If you have not read this book you really should. It's just a great story that was beautifully written. You fall in love with all of the characters instantly. It is told through the point of view of a six year old, Scout Finch. Lee really gets the essence of what it's like to be a child. It also shows the prejudice in the South and how one man stands up against it. This book is a classic that has many profound messages.

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 
I think this is a book that people either love or hate. I personally loved this book. You can argue that Holden Caulfield is a whiny unlikable character. You can say the plot is pointless and boring. That book contributed to John Lennon dying. I've heard it all, my friend. What I love about this book is that I really believe it shows a truth to the years between childhood and adulthood. It shows realistically the confusion and angst you feel when your a teen. Also, for the time, it was really controversial with the swearing and sexuality. I mean this book was written in the 50's, when everyone was trying to be perfect. I truly believe that Holden is not only a voice of a generation but a voice of many generations after.

Dracula By Bram Stoker
Okay, let's face the reality of today, shall we? Vampires are being spoon fed to us. There I said it. There are numerous book series, TV shows, and movies selling us this concept of a vampire. They usually have a love twist to them and have gone as far as to say vampires sparkle. This is why I read Dracula. I wanted to see where vampires started because I know where they ended up. Final conclusion? This book is amazing! Dracula and his minions are scary. Vampires are monsters in this book. All the myth associated with vampires weren't smoothed over, they where all there. This is the way vampires should be. I love also how it was written with diary entries, news clips and letters. So if you roll your eyes every time you see ANOTHER vampire book, movie, or show, please read. It is really refreshing. WARNING! I have one minor complaint   about this book. The ending was so drawn out. That was very irritating.

So there they are. Tell me what you think!
Yours Truly~grrrl in green
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Insert Foot In Mouth

I wrote this poem a couple weeks ago. It comes into play for a recent incident so I decided to post it. Enjoy.

Tired and red eyed
Always get in debates at night
Now I feel like I'm going to cry
Because I get emotional at this time
It's like I got to push everyone away
Always got to get the last word in
Until they have nothing left to say
But it's not really worth the win...
Especially when you don't even know what your fighting for.
I have this constant need
To let words flow from mind to mouth
I don't want to be ignored
I go on until I don't even know
What I'm talking about
That's when emotions spew out
My sorry is always too late
The damage is already done
I'm left to myself
And to wonder what I've become
What happened to me?
I used to be kind
Oh this can't be
I keep messing up all the time
Confrontational with a back bone
Used to be dormant and quiet
Now I feel all alone
With a crazy internal riot.

Tell me what you think.
Yours Truly~grrrl in green
All rights owned by B.T.(A.K.A. grrrl in green)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Things I Love

Hello blogging world! I have decided not to write about books nor music today. I came up with a new topic to talk about and its 'Random Things I Love'. I figured why not, right? I have rules for this though.

1. I can not mention books nor music because that is not the topic today. Everyone knows I love books and music or else I wouldn't have a whole blog partly dedicated to both topics. Also it's not random.
2. I will not mentions family friends or a particular person. I know this is silly. I mean it's things I love right?I of course love my friends and family. Also I'm putting RANDOM things I love. I don't think loving family and friends it random.

Following in accordance with these rules make things a little hard but I'm up for the challenge.Enjoy!

Things That I, Grrrl In Green, Randomly Love:

1. Animals
I think this one is obvious. I love animals. It's just a fact. I love them so much that I won't even eat them. I love them so much that I won't even kill a spider. I'm not even joking. I see a spider and I figure out a way to save it. Most girls scream, I go and save them. It's just who I am

2. Purses
You know how some girls have a thing they have way too much of. For some it's shoes and others it's jewelry. Well for me it's purses. I don't know why I have so many. I just see a purse that I like and I get it. Now I don't mean I spend tons of money on purses like some females. These aren't  top of the line purses (I don't buy those because they usually have leather and as you can see from the above I don't buy anything with leather) The purses I buy are usually cheap. I just love purses, its my thing.

 3. Strawberries
Nothing compares to biting into a fresh, juicy strawberry. Really I can't think of anything else that can be that heavenly. Why I fancy this fruit above all others is beyond me. Maybe it's linked to childhood? All I know is that I love them. I love them fresh, frozen, over yogurt, in ice cream, with chocolate. Really the possibilities are endless.

4. My Computer
I've tried to go a day with out this little contraption, I really did. Then I ended up going on to write more of my story. Think about it? When you want to look up things where do you go to? When you want to get a hold of you friends and don't have your cell phone on you where do you turn? A computer right? We have grown dependent on this technology to amuse us, inform us, keep us in contact with people and to work. I am guilty of this like everyone else. 

 5. My Bed
There is nothing quit like laying down in you bed after a long hard day. Not only is it in my room (a place that is my own) but also its where I sleep and read. Any place where I do those two things deserve to be on this list. 

Well there it is. I hope you enjoyed this!
Yours Truly~ grrrl in green
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's A Rebel

Now it's time for the music part of this blog! YAY! I hope you enjoy my top five.

Music is a testosterone driven industry, for the most part. It's been this way for a long time. With the exception of a girl with a pretty voice (and face) the music industry has always had more males then females it seem, especially rock music. I will give credit where credit is due; there is a lot more females in the music industry that are rocking out today then there where 20 years ago. Now I'm not exactly talking pop here. Pop has always had a female in there some where, but what about Rock n Roll? Think back to the first time you heard a women rocking out. Okay, do you got it? The question I'm going to ask is did you hear a all male band before her? Nine out of ten you probably did. This blog however is not about feminism and how the music industry is holding back females. This blog is about my Top 5 favorite female musicians. Most of them hold nostalgic value to me, others I only discovered recently. The fact is that all the females on this list can rock and have inspired me in some way. Also, being a girl, I'm going to say my favorite fashion thing about them because I just got to point it out. I hope you enjoy and please check out some of these grrrls.

1. Fiona Apple 
While not exactly a rock chick this girl defiantly has emotion backing up her music. I remember listening to her when I was young (probably like ten) and thinking 'wow this chick is amazing!' She was the first female artist I listened to that wasn't singing how in love she was, she was talking about killing the guy. She write excellent lyrics that when you hear them they just move you. She is part of the reason I began to write poetry that have some feeling to it. She let me know it's all right to be angry and sad. 
Now let's get to the music, shall we? She plays piano beautifully. No joke, listen to 'Love Ridden' I'm telling you, you won't regret it. Also her voice has amazing range. One minute she can be singing low then next she's high pitched. This is shown in songs like 'The Child Is Gone', 'Criminal', and 'Fast As You Can'. She is just a amazing artist.
Fashion Fav.: Just look at her! She's fricking beautiful! I don't think much more needs to be said.

2. Ani Difranco
I was actually going to write a whole blog about this women! I'm not even kidding. I may do that eventually because I could, that's how much I love her music. This musician has helped me through some tough times. The first song I listen to was 'I Am Not A Pretty Girl'. Now at the time I probably had Green Day running through my head so I probably didn't give her the full listen to I should have. Then a couple years later I listened to the song again and I fell in love. I mean when I heard the lines: 'I am no a pretty girl/ It's not what I do/ I ain't no damsel in distress/ I don't need to be rescued.' I felt empowered. I think all little girls should listen to Ani instead of some other stuff they listen to. *cough: Miley Cyrus*
Let's get to the music. She not only writes her own lyrics (something I respect in a musician) but she play numerous instruments. She can be political with songs such as 'Next Bold Move' and  'Self Evident'. Then she has more personal songs like 'Dilate' and 'Untouchable Face'. I have to admit, at times her voice can get very strange but that just adds to her appeal.
Fashion Fav.: This women changes hair like most change underwear. No lie. She has had green hair, blue hair, dread locks, normal hair, she was bald at one point. It's like her trade mark or something. Also she has a very punkish style that I love. 

3. Brody Dalle
For those who don't know her, Brody Dalle was lead singer and guitarist of the punk band The Distillers. Now hardcore punk, I have to admit, is a very male dominate genre. Until Brody came along. She not only sported a punk look and attitude but also her voice was the equivalent to any male. I don't mean that she sounds like a dude, she does sound like a female while singing. However she has a raucous  voice that most female can't achieve. She can also play a bad A$$ guitar. Distiller songs that I love that show her talent are 'Young Girls', 'Desperate', 'Bullet and Bulls eye' and 'Drain The Blood'.
Fashion Fav.: Okay look at that picture. She has that scowl on her face, tattoos up and down her arms and a mohawk. Then at the same time she is wearing nail polish and red lip stick. She has perfectly mixed a punk look with feminine touches. Just amazing!

4. Patti Smith
Patti Smith, I believe, is probably the first punk rock chick ever. Debbie Harry may have glamorized it but Patti Smith owned it. I remember when I first discovered her. I was trying to find more out about the history of punk. I saw her in a book and then listened to her music. She was just as good as any man. She hung out with The Ramones and Richard Hell at CBGBS.  She didn't care what people thought about her. She was a poet first then a musician. I truly believe that.
The first song I heard by her was 'Gloria'. This song was originally done by Van Morrison  but Patti made it her own. I love how she didn't put 'he' when there was 'she'. Like gender didn't matter, only the song did. Also I have to say the thing that shocked me the most about this song is when she added the line, 'Jesus died for somebody's sins/ But not mine.' I got to say this women has balls. Also other good song by her are 'Horses' and Redondo Beach'
Fashion Fav.: You look at her and can't help but wonder, "Is that a guy or a girl?" I love her hair style and how she dress so androgynous.

5. Kate Nash
Kate Nash is one of my more recent discoveries. I found her on Pandora radio while listening to Ani Difranco radio. I love her accent. I mean I know there is more to her than that but her singing has an accent to it that's just beautiful. Her lyrics are a mix of sweet and sour. I really can't think of now other way to describe them. She has songs like 'Pumpkin Soup' where she's say 'I just want your kiss boy' the next she's singing 'Merry Happy' where she's basically saying she's fine with being alone. Then there are songs like 'Foundation' 'Kiss That Grrr' and 'Do Wah Doo' I have to say the song that shocked me the most was 'Mansion Song'. I could put all the lyrics here but there is some inappropriate content. Just give it a listen and you will see what I mean. 
Fashion Fav.: Out of all the females on the list she is probably closest to my style. I love the outfit she's wearing in this picture. I'm a big fan of polka dots and love that red belt. She has a defiant pin up look about her. Also I want to get my hair cut like her.

Well there is my top 5 favorite female musicians. I hope you look them up! 
Yours Truly~grrrl in green
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I, like most people my age, have aspirations I want achieve in my life. Now being a dreamer I like to think big. Most of these goals need time and patience to accomplish them. Some of them include completing and publishing a novel, traveling around the world, going to college, etc. (Not in that order of course) Anyone who knows me have probably heard me talk about all of these at one time or another.

There is one goal that I came up with in May 2010 and have never told anyone. I want to read exactly 1001 books. Why 1001 books? Because (and don't laugh) 1001 is the same backwards and frontwards. Also, depending on font, its the same upside down.
I haven't set a time to read all of these books. I wanted to say before I die but then I realized I read a lot, I may get there before I die. However, one never knows when they will die so this may be harder than I thought.
You may also ask how I plan on keeping track of all these books. Well I have come up with a solution for this also. No, it's not tallying up every book when I'm done or writing a list. That may take forever and I try to make sure I'm a busy girl who is doing multiple things at a time. I decided to keep track of how many I read on website is like crack for bookworms. They have what's called bookshelves where you can put books you want to read and books you have read. You can make as many shelves as you like. It's truly just an awesome website.
So, to continue on, I have been keeping track since May 2010 (when I joined goodreads) I have a total of 100 books in both my shelves (read and to-read) Out of all of those I have read 49 books (not since May 2010 just books I've read that I can remember) and I have 48 on my to-read (there will be more. I went to the library today). I am currently reading 3.

That is my ambition for life (well one of them anyway) If I love a book I may give it a honorable mention and maybe a review on here. If I hate a book, I'll review it for sure. I am excited about this journey to 1001 books and I hope you stick around with me!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

P.S.) Currently reading A Lesson Before Dying by Earnest J. Gaines. I'm reading it for my summer required reading. It's actually not that bad and don't let the Oprah stamp of approval fool you. I am not looking forward to the assignment I have to do but it's the inevitable. :-/


Hey to anyone who stumbled upon this or who I asked to read this. Welcome!

I guess I should start with telling a little about myself. I am seventeen years old. Some things I love to do is hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading, writing and stating my opinions (maybe a little too much). I guess basically your normal teen stuff.

The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to express those opinions that I love to state so much. I named it "Books, Music, & Life" because most likely that's what I'm going to write about. Those are the things that I love to talk about the most. I may write about what I think about certain books or about bands. Then I may write about what's bothering me or what's going on.

I hope you enjoy this and feel free to comment! I want to hear your opinions. :)

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green