Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Past 3 Days

As you all may very well know I have not written in 3 days. Well I think this was to be expected being that I was not home most of the time. It has been a crazy 3 days and I will tell you exactly what happened (not that you would care :-P)

Tuesday: I got a haircut. See getting a haircut is both calming and scary at the same time. On one hand I get pampered (where I go they have a complimentary mini facial and hand message) but on the other there is always a chance my hair will come out bad. Luckily this time wasn't so bad. I mean my bangs are a little shorter then I wanted them but they grow out. Also my hair seems way to short.
 My expression while she was cutting my bangs.

Oh well, at least I was able to style my hair this time.

Wednesday: Doctors. So see this was fun (can you see the sarcasm here?) I got my blood pressure (it good) my eyes tested (they where perfect) and I am 5"4 and a half (that extra half is what does it. Sure its not my ideal 5"7 but oh well) I am apparently very flexible (...must be the yoga?) and lucky for me I don't have scoliosis (YAY!) However, all this happiness had to end sometime. I needed a booster shot and a cervical cancer shot. My mom didn't want me to get the cervical cancer shot (Converstation with doctor:  Mom: "PEOPLE DIED!" Doctor: "That's not true.") It didn't take long for the doctor to convince my mother to get me the shots. Okay I don't like shots. I mean who does really? So as I was waiting for the nurse to come in I was freaking out. I ended up singing Stroke songs to calm down (and thinking about Julian Casablancas walking in instead of the nurse XD)
Who would you rather see walking through the door?

Anyway I got the shots. The first one (the booster) didn't hurt at all. I mean just a little pinch and then I was done. The second one hurt. It hurt during, right after and the next day. Just painful all around. And guess what? I have to get 2 more of those shots. :(

Today: Dentist. This one wasn't so bad. I got my teeth cleaned. I don't like going to the dentist at all. Also my wisdom teeth have been bothering me and I really needed to see someone about it. 
This is how I want my teeth to look!
Well after I got X-rays and the chick poked, scraped, and prodded my teeth it turns out while I don't have any cavities, I do have to get my wisdom teeth removed. I can't wait for that! (sarcasm again, my friends)

So that's whats been going on with me for the past 3 days. I will probably go back to writing about normal, less boring things now.

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

thank you Julian Casablancas for not only being hot but giving me something to think about while nervous.


  1. ...I wish he was my nurse, too <333

  2. I wish he was more than my nurse, love XD <3

  3. That's a lot of scar in a very little time! I know this is crazy, but I think getting your bangs cut was the scariest...I mean bangs are right on your face where everyone can see them and judge them (by the way, I'm sure yours look fantastic; I'm just talking about bangs in general). Doctors and dentists and nurses are supposed to be cut and dry about what they do; stylists are artists, and that leaves room for scariness! I'm glad all went well for you!

  4. my bangs are alright...I may eventually put a picture up...idk yet. They are a little blunt and short