Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's A Rebel

Now it's time for the music part of this blog! YAY! I hope you enjoy my top five.

Music is a testosterone driven industry, for the most part. It's been this way for a long time. With the exception of a girl with a pretty voice (and face) the music industry has always had more males then females it seem, especially rock music. I will give credit where credit is due; there is a lot more females in the music industry that are rocking out today then there where 20 years ago. Now I'm not exactly talking pop here. Pop has always had a female in there some where, but what about Rock n Roll? Think back to the first time you heard a women rocking out. Okay, do you got it? The question I'm going to ask is did you hear a all male band before her? Nine out of ten you probably did. This blog however is not about feminism and how the music industry is holding back females. This blog is about my Top 5 favorite female musicians. Most of them hold nostalgic value to me, others I only discovered recently. The fact is that all the females on this list can rock and have inspired me in some way. Also, being a girl, I'm going to say my favorite fashion thing about them because I just got to point it out. I hope you enjoy and please check out some of these grrrls.

1. Fiona Apple 
While not exactly a rock chick this girl defiantly has emotion backing up her music. I remember listening to her when I was young (probably like ten) and thinking 'wow this chick is amazing!' She was the first female artist I listened to that wasn't singing how in love she was, she was talking about killing the guy. She write excellent lyrics that when you hear them they just move you. She is part of the reason I began to write poetry that have some feeling to it. She let me know it's all right to be angry and sad. 
Now let's get to the music, shall we? She plays piano beautifully. No joke, listen to 'Love Ridden' I'm telling you, you won't regret it. Also her voice has amazing range. One minute she can be singing low then next she's high pitched. This is shown in songs like 'The Child Is Gone', 'Criminal', and 'Fast As You Can'. She is just a amazing artist.
Fashion Fav.: Just look at her! She's fricking beautiful! I don't think much more needs to be said.

2. Ani Difranco
I was actually going to write a whole blog about this women! I'm not even kidding. I may do that eventually because I could, that's how much I love her music. This musician has helped me through some tough times. The first song I listen to was 'I Am Not A Pretty Girl'. Now at the time I probably had Green Day running through my head so I probably didn't give her the full listen to I should have. Then a couple years later I listened to the song again and I fell in love. I mean when I heard the lines: 'I am no a pretty girl/ It's not what I do/ I ain't no damsel in distress/ I don't need to be rescued.' I felt empowered. I think all little girls should listen to Ani instead of some other stuff they listen to. *cough: Miley Cyrus*
Let's get to the music. She not only writes her own lyrics (something I respect in a musician) but she play numerous instruments. She can be political with songs such as 'Next Bold Move' and  'Self Evident'. Then she has more personal songs like 'Dilate' and 'Untouchable Face'. I have to admit, at times her voice can get very strange but that just adds to her appeal.
Fashion Fav.: This women changes hair like most change underwear. No lie. She has had green hair, blue hair, dread locks, normal hair, she was bald at one point. It's like her trade mark or something. Also she has a very punkish style that I love. 

3. Brody Dalle
For those who don't know her, Brody Dalle was lead singer and guitarist of the punk band The Distillers. Now hardcore punk, I have to admit, is a very male dominate genre. Until Brody came along. She not only sported a punk look and attitude but also her voice was the equivalent to any male. I don't mean that she sounds like a dude, she does sound like a female while singing. However she has a raucous  voice that most female can't achieve. She can also play a bad A$$ guitar. Distiller songs that I love that show her talent are 'Young Girls', 'Desperate', 'Bullet and Bulls eye' and 'Drain The Blood'.
Fashion Fav.: Okay look at that picture. She has that scowl on her face, tattoos up and down her arms and a mohawk. Then at the same time she is wearing nail polish and red lip stick. She has perfectly mixed a punk look with feminine touches. Just amazing!

4. Patti Smith
Patti Smith, I believe, is probably the first punk rock chick ever. Debbie Harry may have glamorized it but Patti Smith owned it. I remember when I first discovered her. I was trying to find more out about the history of punk. I saw her in a book and then listened to her music. She was just as good as any man. She hung out with The Ramones and Richard Hell at CBGBS.  She didn't care what people thought about her. She was a poet first then a musician. I truly believe that.
The first song I heard by her was 'Gloria'. This song was originally done by Van Morrison  but Patti made it her own. I love how she didn't put 'he' when there was 'she'. Like gender didn't matter, only the song did. Also I have to say the thing that shocked me the most about this song is when she added the line, 'Jesus died for somebody's sins/ But not mine.' I got to say this women has balls. Also other good song by her are 'Horses' and Redondo Beach'
Fashion Fav.: You look at her and can't help but wonder, "Is that a guy or a girl?" I love her hair style and how she dress so androgynous.

5. Kate Nash
Kate Nash is one of my more recent discoveries. I found her on Pandora radio while listening to Ani Difranco radio. I love her accent. I mean I know there is more to her than that but her singing has an accent to it that's just beautiful. Her lyrics are a mix of sweet and sour. I really can't think of now other way to describe them. She has songs like 'Pumpkin Soup' where she's say 'I just want your kiss boy' the next she's singing 'Merry Happy' where she's basically saying she's fine with being alone. Then there are songs like 'Foundation' 'Kiss That Grrr' and 'Do Wah Doo' I have to say the song that shocked me the most was 'Mansion Song'. I could put all the lyrics here but there is some inappropriate content. Just give it a listen and you will see what I mean. 
Fashion Fav.: Out of all the females on the list she is probably closest to my style. I love the outfit she's wearing in this picture. I'm a big fan of polka dots and love that red belt. She has a defiant pin up look about her. Also I want to get my hair cut like her.

Well there is my top 5 favorite female musicians. I hope you look them up! 
Yours Truly~grrrl in green
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  1. Okay, in love with your list. Embarrassed I don't know them all! Tried to get my husband to agree to name our daughter Fiona (he said 'no' on the grounds that 'Fiona' is most commonly associated with Shrek). I would like to add that my list would include Bjork and Regina Spektor. I'm also really in love with Dawn Landes (especially in her excellent cover of "Young Folks"...soooo good). I'm checking out what I don't know; and love your list!

  2. I like Regina Spektor but I haven't listen to too much Bjork..I'll have to look her and Dawn Landes up.