Friday, August 6, 2010

Insert Foot In Mouth

I wrote this poem a couple weeks ago. It comes into play for a recent incident so I decided to post it. Enjoy.

Tired and red eyed
Always get in debates at night
Now I feel like I'm going to cry
Because I get emotional at this time
It's like I got to push everyone away
Always got to get the last word in
Until they have nothing left to say
But it's not really worth the win...
Especially when you don't even know what your fighting for.
I have this constant need
To let words flow from mind to mouth
I don't want to be ignored
I go on until I don't even know
What I'm talking about
That's when emotions spew out
My sorry is always too late
The damage is already done
I'm left to myself
And to wonder what I've become
What happened to me?
I used to be kind
Oh this can't be
I keep messing up all the time
Confrontational with a back bone
Used to be dormant and quiet
Now I feel all alone
With a crazy internal riot.

Tell me what you think.
Yours Truly~grrrl in green
All rights owned by B.T.(A.K.A. grrrl in green)