Sunday, September 5, 2010

Song of the Week!

Hello blogging world! Here is my song of the week. You should really check out this artist, she is amazing! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay I haven't posted in a long time it seems like. There has literally been no time to write since school has started. I feel bad but at least I'm writing now, right? So I was look through old e-mail and I found a poem I wrote a couple months ago. I sent it to my cousin. As I stood reading it I couldn't help but think how good it is. I mean I'm really not trying to flatter myself too much but it is one of my better poems. See when I wrote it I was still mourning over a break up. It wasn't so much that I was sad we weren't together, I was just angry. He kept trying to be my friend but the reality was I didn't want to be his friend anymore. So after a big fight with him and then a cool down period I wrote this poem. So there is some back ground for you. I hope you enjoy this poem and please tell me what you think!

Neutral ground
Is where I am
I jumped off the bound
And I'm ok where I stand
No conclusion was formed
I put the cold war to an end
Because this topic is worn
And I had to bend
The wind was becoming violent
I was tired of the silence.
The mood didnt last long
But I now know how I feel
We where both in the wrong
And we kept spinning on the endless wheel
Spitting out our insulting cud
Forcing it, trying to mend
Trying to go back 
To the way it was
Looking at the puzzle we layer on the table
But some of the pieces are missing
And nothing fits
But its all good
I'm stable 
And I'm not talking
I'm listening
No more what should have,
Could have been said or done
It wont change
What has already begun.
I enjoy the distance
And would appreciate a lack of persistence,
From you
Because we need to deal 
With the way things are
And a step back 
Won't get us far

Tell me what you think!
~Yours Truly~grrrl in green

All rights to poem owned by B.T. (AKA grrrl in green)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Song of The Week!

So I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. It has been a long, tiring week. Ever day I would look at my computer and be like "Should I write a post?" and then I would get this tiring feeling over me (probably from lack of sleep). Then I would just listen to music and read. So as I'm trying to adjust to my new schedule I might not write as much. I will at least write once a week and mostly on weekends. Don't worry I won't completely abandon the blog!

So this week I found a musician named Ida Maria. She is a Norwegian rocker. First of all you can hear punk inspirations to her music so of course I was sold. She has an amazing voice. Her lyrics at times (at least what I've heard) are weird but I still enjoy them. The song I'm posting its a little risky with the lyrics and the video is full of innuendos (I don't think I will ever look at a banana the same ever again) I can see where someone wouldn't like it.  However I can't stop listening to this song. There is just some thing so strongly feminist about it. Not to mention I think all girls can relate to some of the lyrics. So enjoy and tell me what you think!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day Of School

As I was getting ready for my first day of school I noticed something rather strange. You know when you get that excited feeling about starting a new year? Sometimes you get a little nervous? You can't help but think: Will my teachers like me? Will I make it to my classes on time? Will the kids laugh at my new haircut? Weirdly though I did not really think any of these (well maybe the "will the kids laugh at my new haircut") I don't know if as I get older the hype of school just disappeared. All I kept thinking was same thing different year. I didn't see any new faces as I walked into the school (except for some freshman) So really it was nothing new.

As the day went on I was happy to have something to do. I was looking forward to certain classes. I was happy to see friends I hadn't seen all summer. Some of my teachers seemed really cool.

Some classes I'm taking:

American Lit. Honors: Okay I got homework in this class. WHAT KIND OF TEACHER GIVES HOMEWORK ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!?! And better yet I had to do it at 7:30 in the morning! Ugh. Plus my real teacher wasn't even there. That's right folks, I had a sub the first day of school. That's a first.

Honors Geometry: This is a sophomore class. You may asked why I'm taking a sophomore class when I'm a junior. Well see my freshmen year (when I was supposed to take Algebra 1) I took Integrated 1. I was apparently too advanced for this class and also found out it's not a college prep course. So my sophomore year I took Algebra 1. This wasn't so bad because I wasn't the only sophomore. I was also apparently too advanced for this class because my teacher recommended me for Honors Geometry. See I like this idea, its better for colleges and lets hope it actually challenges me. However, I'm in a class with only four sophomores and the rest are freshmen and I'm a junior. There is a defiant difference there.

Lunch...lets not even talk about. That's opening a whole can of worms.

AP Gov: I was a little intimated with this class. I know I'm good with history and all but its a college course! You can see where I would get a little scared. Also the teacher handing out 3 different books was a bit more than I could handle. Then the teacher talked about the class and the more he talked the more I couldn't help but think "I'm going to like this class" I think I 'm going to find this course interesting.

Art 1: I'm just taking this for my art credit.

Chemistry: THIS IS A DOUBLE PERIOD!! Need I say more? Being that its a science class who knows how I will do...thankfully there is a cute guy there ;-)

So here to a good year (I hope) One where there is no drama, headaches or C averages. (ha) Wish me luck guys, I'm going to need it!

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Monday, August 23, 2010

Song of the Week (Also song of the summer)

Oh yes, putting another Strokes song has a video of the week. There is an explanation for this, I swear. Today is my official last day of summer being that I start school tomorrow. So I decided for this song to not only be the Song of The Week but also the Song of the Summer! I have spent most of the summer trying to learn all of the lyrics of this song and I have succeed! (Ah, goals) So please enjoy this great song :)

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things I Learned This Summer Pt. 2

A couple days ago I wrote some things I learned this summer. Now that I have nothing going on being that all appointment are done (if you want to know what I'm talking about go here) Now I shall continue with what I learned this summer!

Indie Music is Awesome!
While I am not exactly an expert about indie music (at least not as much as punk) I have been listening to a lot of it lately. This all started when my cousin introduced me to the Arctic Monkeys. They're songs are just catchy and I love Alex Turner's voice (I have a thing for British accents) They led to The Strokes who I adore very much. After listening to The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes for about two months straight I have figured out that Indie music is amazing. I would like to get into some more bands. If anyone has any recommendations please tell me! 

Les Films francais sont impressionnantes!
If you read the above a thought, "what the heck does that mean?" then I shall tell you. In English is means "French movies are awesome!" This summer I got really into French movies. I think this love started with the movie Amélie. This movie stared Audrey Tautou, who is better know in America for her role in The Da Vinci Code. She is really a great actress. I've watched a lot of her movies this summer and she is part of the reason why I'm so into French movies now. Some really good movie to see with her in it are: Happenstance, Priceless and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. As I watched these films I wished that I would have took French instead of Spanish.

Don't Trust A Male Fairy With Horns
Out of all the lessons on this list, I think this one is the most important. A couple months ago I went to the Medieval Faire with my best friend. I had a lot of fun. I got my cards read, shot a bow and arrow at a stuffed animal and checked out all the Medieval lads. You really would be surprised at how hot a lot of them are. However, there was one strange occurrence that I will never forget. My friend and I where looking at a booth. They where selling fairy wings, horns, and other trinkets that children would love. So I was standing there looking at the horns when my friend pointed to a vial of sparkles. She looked at the girl behind the table (she was wearing blue wings) and asked, "What is this?" That's when all of the sudden I felt someone messing with my hair. I jumped and turned around. There stood a guy with brown fairy wings, horns, and long blond hair. He was hold a pair of horns in his hands.
He asked me to hold up my hair. The girl behind the counter smiled and said, "Don't worry you don't have to buy it. He's the best a putting them on." So I let him go about his business. Annoyed, my friend asked again what the stuff in the vial was for. The guy smiled and said, "I'll show you." He asked me to remove my sunglasses and close my eyes. The next thing I knew I felt glitter getting put on my face and chest. So there I stood, horns on my head and glitter all over me. I asked my friend how I looked and she said, "You don't look right, your too simple to wear horns." The male fairy looked at her and said coldly, "Don't call you friend simple." I then looked at myself and asked, "So do I look evil?" And then the male fairy (who I wasn't talking to) replied, "No, not evil. Mischievous." At that point, my friend and I left. I learned an important lesson as I was scrubbing glitter off of me, never trust a male fairy with horns.

So there you have it. There is the rest of the things I learned this summer! 

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Past 3 Days

As you all may very well know I have not written in 3 days. Well I think this was to be expected being that I was not home most of the time. It has been a crazy 3 days and I will tell you exactly what happened (not that you would care :-P)

Tuesday: I got a haircut. See getting a haircut is both calming and scary at the same time. On one hand I get pampered (where I go they have a complimentary mini facial and hand message) but on the other there is always a chance my hair will come out bad. Luckily this time wasn't so bad. I mean my bangs are a little shorter then I wanted them but they grow out. Also my hair seems way to short.
 My expression while she was cutting my bangs.

Oh well, at least I was able to style my hair this time.

Wednesday: Doctors. So see this was fun (can you see the sarcasm here?) I got my blood pressure (it good) my eyes tested (they where perfect) and I am 5"4 and a half (that extra half is what does it. Sure its not my ideal 5"7 but oh well) I am apparently very flexible (...must be the yoga?) and lucky for me I don't have scoliosis (YAY!) However, all this happiness had to end sometime. I needed a booster shot and a cervical cancer shot. My mom didn't want me to get the cervical cancer shot (Converstation with doctor:  Mom: "PEOPLE DIED!" Doctor: "That's not true.") It didn't take long for the doctor to convince my mother to get me the shots. Okay I don't like shots. I mean who does really? So as I was waiting for the nurse to come in I was freaking out. I ended up singing Stroke songs to calm down (and thinking about Julian Casablancas walking in instead of the nurse XD)
Who would you rather see walking through the door?

Anyway I got the shots. The first one (the booster) didn't hurt at all. I mean just a little pinch and then I was done. The second one hurt. It hurt during, right after and the next day. Just painful all around. And guess what? I have to get 2 more of those shots. :(

Today: Dentist. This one wasn't so bad. I got my teeth cleaned. I don't like going to the dentist at all. Also my wisdom teeth have been bothering me and I really needed to see someone about it. 
This is how I want my teeth to look!
Well after I got X-rays and the chick poked, scraped, and prodded my teeth it turns out while I don't have any cavities, I do have to get my wisdom teeth removed. I can't wait for that! (sarcasm again, my friends)

So that's whats been going on with me for the past 3 days. I will probably go back to writing about normal, less boring things now.

Yours Truly~ grrrl in green

thank you Julian Casablancas for not only being hot but giving me something to think about while nervous.