Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Assignment

I am going into my eleventh year of school in two weeks. So while I'm getting all ready for school (getting new clothes, haircut, supplies, dentist the usual) I'm left to also work on my summer assignment for Honors English. I have already read the book (A Lesson Before Dying) and I actually enjoyed reading it. Them came the task of the assignments. *sigh*
The first one I have to assume the identity of a character in a book and write three journal entries of MY thoughts and feelings of events in the novel. No biggie right? I'm a writer. I totally got this.  But then it says a couple sentences later "you are being asked to consider what the character thinks and feels about what happens" ....WHAT!?!?!
My expression when I read this (minus all the fur)
So whose point of view are these journal entries in? Mine or a characters? Why can't you be clear Mrs. English teacher? This is not a good way to start out a new year, is it now?
Oh wait but it gets better.....
Then the next part is to pick three quotes (I think this teacher has a thing for three's) and write a paragraph for each quote explaining how it relates to a major theme the is developed in the novel. Ugh....I hate theme writing. We do it all the time. I get why we are taught it. It's supposed to help us find the deeper meaning to the novel. To figure out what the author was trying to get across. I totally get it. However I think theme just ruins a story. I love reading (hello look at blog title) but I think when you analyze and pick apart a story it really takes something away from enjoying it. Like I said above, I really like this book. It made me cry (and no, not from the inarticulate journal entry at the end which gave me a headache) It had real emotion to it. Then when I try to find the major themes to the novel, I feel like throwing the book across the room. I feel like ripping out the pages.
This man was told to find the theme of that book. I know how you feel buddy.
I feel like committing book abuse! You heard me correctly. A book worm like myself want to commit book abuse. What could make this book worm crack you may ask? Finding the theme! DUN DUN DUN!!!
So alas I consulted a fellow student who also has this assignment. She hasn't even read the book yet (making wonder if she is a reliable person to talk to about this) but she just as confused as I am about the directions and just as annoyed. She is planning on asking a friend who had the class last year. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this journal entry thing. I still  have to figure out the theme of the novel and I will slowly die a little inside as I do so. Guess this is my lesson before dying.

Yours Truly~grrrl in green


  1. Ahahaha I love this one. I know how you texting me about REALLY wanting to put of the dreadful assignment. Nice pun at the end :)

  2. Yeah I'm usually not a big fan of puns but I think this fits lol