Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He's In Love Wth Rock 'n' Roll

A week ago (shockingly exactly a week ago) I did my top five female musicians. (want to read it? Go Here!) I went on a (little) rant about how the music industry doesn't have nearly as many females as there are males. So I thought it would be completely sexist if didn't give a shout out to all the male musicians I love. All of them are involved in bands and some have become solo artists. They have inspired me in some way whether it be writing or finding a new band. I think they are all talented. They have all my respect and admiration. So here is my top five male musicians.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong
Let's go back to 2004, shall we? I was about 11 years old. What song was running through my head? Slow Motion by Juvenile. Yes, you heard me correctly. Me, the punk rock lover, listening to Juvenile. Let's fast forward a little. It's 2005. I'm about 12 years old and I hear the song American Idiot at my cousins house. I see a guy with spiked hair wearing eyeliner. He's playing guitar and singing about politics. Who is this man? How come I can relate to him so well? Why do these lyrics move me so much?  After that I was sold. If you don't know Billie Joe Armstrong he is part of this little band called Green Day. You may have heard of them? Now before you roll your eyes and say "Really this is what you looked towards for rock? Green Day?" Let's go back to what I originally said. They where really the first rock band I liked, scratch that, loved and  led me to punk. With out this band (and this man) I would not have any other musicians on this list. No I can't say that. I would probably be writing about Lil Wayne or something. No wait, I might not even be writing at all. I really have no clue what I would be like.
I have such a high respect for Billie Joe as a musician and artist. He writes great lyrics that I have always been able to relate to. He plays guitar really well and his voice is great. If you are already familial with Green Day then I suggest another band he is in. It's called Pinhead Gunpowder. Give them a listen. 
Note: I now am a mature 17 year old and all I have to say, eyeliner? Really Billie?

2. Joe Strummer 
Joe Strummer was the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist of The Clash. The Clash is one of my favorite bands. Actually the title of this post is a line from a song called "Janie Jones" The Clash is the first old school punk rock band I enjoyed. It's hard not to talk about punk without mentioning The Clash and Joe. He took punk to a whole new level. Instead of shout about anarchy (*cough: Johnny Rotten*) He sung about problems that the average working class was having. His approach was political but still controversial. I only like the The Clash up to London Calling. After that something happened and I just couldn't listen anymore.
The Clash was not just full on punk rock. They experimented with reggae, jazz, funk, ska and rockabilly, making them more musically diverse. Joe Strummer I firmly believe encouraged this and for that reason he is my second favorite male musician. (sorry Mick)
Extra: The day I found out he was dead it was like 6 years after his death. I almost cried.Also when I watched the documentary "The Future is Unwritten" I cried. I totally recommended watching it.

3. Justin Sane
Ahh, what to say about Justin Sane. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Anti-Flag. He also came out with his own solo CD (Life, Love and the Pursuit of Justice) It's basically him singing music he wrote, playing his guitar and nothing else. It's pretty good. I like the political lyrics he writes. If you listen to his CD I suggest "Tommy Gun" (no not a remake of The Clash song) "If Its Good For the Economy", "Youth of the Modern World" and "Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon"  I like how he treats his audience with intelligence. You can really tell with his lyrics that he really wants people to be aware of what's going on. However, does it always have to be about politics? It seems like that's all its been about lately for Anti-Flag. I mean what happened to songs like "She's My Little Go-Go Dancer" and "Summer Squatters Go Home"? That's the only minor complaint I have about him. Other than that I really like his lyrics and he seems like a really cool guy. Also he's a vegetarian. :-D

4. Roger Waters
With all these punk guys I have to give some respect to a classic rocker. Rodger Waters was the lead singer/songwriter, and composer of Pink Floyd. My father would be proud that I put him on this list because he originally had me listen to Pink Floyd. He write amazing lyrics and sings them excellently. Listen to Dark Side of The Moon and you will know what I'm talking about I mean it's a classic. It should be required of all, like watching The Wizard of Oz or reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. I guess he did his own solo work but I have never listened to it before. I assume its amazing. If you listen to it tell me what you think.
Note: Seriously get to listening to Dark Side of The Moon. LIKE NOW! 

5. Mike Ness
Mike Ness was the lead singer, guitarist, and wrote most of the songs for a punk band called Social Distortion. Social Distortion is also one of my favorite bands.I know it sounds weird but Social Distortion is my feel good music. They aren't really hardcore punk but they aren't wimpy either. There is just a "your not alone" feel to their music. Mike Ness has a excellent voice and plays guitar really well. I mean only he would be able to pull off Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" 
Other songs to check out is "Mommy's Little Monster", "Another State of Mind", "Prison Bound", "Story of My Life"; really the list just goes on and on.
Favorite CD: Mommy's Little Monster for the win!

Well there it is. This of course is just my opinion. I know you may completely disagree with me but these are the guys who have inspired me the most. Please tell me what you think. :)

Yours Truly~grrrl in green


  1. Okay, I had to comment on this have really good music taste! "Story of my Life" is one of my all-time favorite songs, and it's cool to see Mike Ness on the blog of someone listen to a lot of the stuff I listened to when I was a teenager (ugh, more than a decade ago!), and, though I love a lot of music put out today, I pine for my punk roots! Love your blog post!

  2. Thank You so much! I hope you continue to read my post :)

    Gotta love Social Distortion and Mike Ness.

  3. Definitely will! I just noticed you have a female top 5....I will check that out tomorrow!